Our friend Ibrahim

Remembering Ibrahim Mothana | La Voix du Yémen

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By Benjamin Wiacek (بلال)

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For some, he was a prominent Youth activist, a very talented writer or a brilliant speaker. For others, he was a great thinker and the co-founder of a political party. He was all of that for many others, and even more. He was the most generous person we ever met, he was a true friend to all of us, a person that pushed us forward, that inspired us, a person that we all admired for who he was, for what he did and for what he was dreaming to achieve. But Death always calls the greatest ones first… Ibrahim died last Thursday at the age of 24.

While each one of us can only count a few real good friends, Ibrahim was a close friend to dozens of people. His generosity, his friendliness, his humor, his spirit, his intelligence, his kindness, his open mind, his warmth, and numerous other qualities made him an amazing person that we were all honored to meet. He devoted his life to Yemen, acting and hoping for a better future, he inspired many and gave all of us the strength and the hope to believe that change was possible. He was a model and a mentor for many and his departure may look like the end of every hope.

I miss you already my dear friend and it is hard to imagine that you will not be there anymore, that you will not please us with your presence, that you will not prank us and that we will not be able to turn to you for advice…

But Ibrahim lived his too short life to its full potential and even beyond. The best way for us to honor his memory, and I think this is what he would have wished, is to follow his example and to fight for our dreams. Despite the sadness and the pain, despite all the tears and his absence, we must never forget him and what he has done. He will continue to live within our minds, our hearts and our souls, and for that we will make sure that what he dreamed of can one day become reality…

Rest in Peace Ibrahim, I know our paths will cross again one day.



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