Our friend Ibrahim

This made me look at Ibrahim as a role model | Ali Almurtada

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         I don’t know how to even start. I came back home around 2:00 AM after a very busy day and I thought I’d check Facebook quickly before I hit the bed. The first status update was from my good friend Alaa Jarban, and reading the word “passed away today” accompanied with pictures of Ibrahim Mothana’s; I had a moment of disbelief thinking this might be a prank or perhaps a mistake I made understanding the update, but the social network was full of countless similar posts. That was the moment when it hit me; the guy is gone?! Can this be possible?! What a shock

         I got to meet Ibrahim personally for the first time in a debate held in the Spanish embassy in Sanaa about foreign donations and whether or not they do Yemen any good. Although the attendees initial votes prior to the debate were mostly in favor of donations, Ibrahim along with Atiaf Alwazeer gave very interesting argument showing eloquence and great knowledge which convinced the majority of the audience to change their opinions; that second I know I am before an exceptionally sharp guy. I was quite relieved that Yemen in this decisive moment has people like him. It provided me with optimism that the future might give Yemen a smile. Little did I know what is to happen. 

        Ibrahim and myself are born the same day, month and year. Looking at his massive success, I realized how little I have accomplish in life which only motivated me to work harder and harder. This made me look at Ibrahim as a role model.

      I was not a close friend to Ibrahim and I can’t even imagine how would his close ones feel right now; that didn’t , though, lessen the bitterness of his departure. I knew that he is one of the chances Yemen had for a bright future and losing him means the journey just got a bit harder. I am feeling furious and I don’t know what and who to blame. I can’t absorb the fact that with all the evils that destroy Yemen bit by bit every day, death decides to take him when every one of us needs him in this tough time.

        The last time I saw Ibrahim was in a restaurant in Hadda having dinner alone a bit far from where I was sitting, and I thought I’d meet him in any panel or discussion soon, so I did not go to say hi. I so much regret not going to his table and talk to him. I hope that we all learn from Ibrahim’s dedication and unconditional love to his country and its people. I hope we all continue his journey and fulfill his dream of a country and a world with no war or despair. Rest in peace my friend and be assured that the legacy you left would be cherished and glorified.  Be assured that the so many lives you touched will continue the battle for a war-free prosperous Yemen.

Ela Al Leqa  ^_^ 

Ali Almurtada


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