Our friend Ibrahim

The man everyone loved | Abe Alansy

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He was a big man with a big heart and a beautiful soul. He knew something about everything and a lot about a lot of things. You couldn’t help but to respect and admire him.

He was a man who lived for life and lived for others. He was never afraid and he was brave enough to be the man he felt he should be. I loved the man that Ibrahim was, I was looking up to him, and I believe the things that made him the man he was are what we all loved about him. Ibrahim was loyal, and the words that he spoke rang with the sound of truth. He was all about goodness and doing what he thought was right. He was a self made man who’d risen to a very impressive level in life in all ways in the mere 24 years he had with us.

The thing I most remember about Ibrahim, personally, is his sense of humour.  How he’d get you with a non sequitur, some nonsensical statement spoken with absolute seriousness, and then while your brain was reeling trying to figure out what in the world he just meant … you’d see that little grin on his face … and hear him chuckle, and you knew he had you.

And whenever I think about Ibrahim, it will be with that little grin and chuckle. But you didn’t mind when Ibrahim got ya, because it was funny. And he was laughing right along with you.. not at you. At least not completely.

Life without Ibrahim will never be the same again, it has left a hole that will never be filled, but we have to sometimes just admit that angels are needed back in heaven, after gracing earth with their presence, and Ibrahim is certainly in that bracket.

As you can see, his passing has touched so many hearts because of the person he was. The eventual certainty for us all, the hour of our death, suddenly went from obscure and distant to a very unreal reality. We are numb. We need to grieve and heal. There is never a convenient time for any of us to die. Life has its tides, the high and the low. And yet, how do we make sense of such a great man’s life cut short? We are in pain. We cry out for some way to sooth the burning in our heart

Abe Alansy



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