Our friend Ibrahim

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The saddest of it all, is not your friends, family and loved ones mourning your loss. It’s the very country you lived fighting for: Yemen, mourning your loss. You stood up for Yemen in ways that veterans in our activism field never had enough audacity and eloquence to do so. You combined 28 poor million voices into one big voice that shook the White House — and I’m scared we only had one Ibrahim Mothana who did it so intelligently

Many are sobbing because they never had a chance to express how much they loved/appreciated you, but I am truly thankful to God because I have yearly filled your inbox with appreciation threads, and the last 2 times we met, I had taken my time to let you know that you are without a doubt my ultimate hero, and that I aspire to be half the brain and human that you are. Of course, being the down to earth gem that you are, you’d  throw a warm smile my way, and reply with uplifting words that made me love and become even more obsessed with the unique and beautiful character you are.  

We will continue to build this country with your memory engraved in our souls, because you’ve helped define and shape how the road to peace is walked, and not just talked. 

Rest in peace, my friend, brother and mentor. I cannot wait to see you again in the future. :’)

– Luai Ahmed

One of Ibrahim’s many students. 


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